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Work in the community

NGO Manager
See relevant e-library links under "Communications and Marketing" including Social Marketing, Advocacy & Lobbying, and Relations between NGOs." [media skills, lobbying skills]

School for International Training: "Enhancing NGOs policy advocacy skills: Lessons learned."
Helpful article for NGOs in developing world seeking to develop lobbying/advocacy capacity. [lobbying skills]

Amnesty International Campaign Manual
Helpful manual to draw from for community campaigns. Includes chapters on working with the media, strategic campaigning, lobbying the government, etc. [media liaison, lobbying skills]

Pact – Advocacy Expert Series
Set of educational publications (five modules) for download that explore the principles, strategies, and techniques of effective advocacy campaigns. See range of other resources on Pact’s home page. [running campaigns, lobbying skills, networking]

Chapter 2 network
Contains articles and guides on advocacy and lobbying [lobbing skills]

Contract Trust
Delivers policy information to NGOs improving their ability to implement effective lobbying strategies. Website has parliamentary schedule and other resources. [lobbying skills]

Building a strong organisation
Links to many community organising manuals from various countries (scroll down past training programmes). Many other items of interest on this very extensive site. [recruiting members]

NGO Manager
A wide range of management and research tools for nonprofits worldwide. Includes extensive links on planning, marketing and communications, organisational development and many other areas relevant to NGOs. [general]

World Conservation Union: Planning and LFA
Manual on Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation [approaches to planning –LFA]

Impact Alliance
Global network of NGO capacity building organisations. See resource centre page for information on local governance, financial management, advocacy, networking, partnerships, planning & strategy, and many other areas.

Worldbank: Community Driven Development
see also Participation & Engagement
Numerous articles, publications and other resources. [recruiting members]

FARN: Public Participation and Sustainable Development On-Line Module
Good international module on public participation available for download [recruiting members]

Southern African funding information facility. Contains a range of regularly updated information for NGOs. [general]

Network Learning
Resources for NGOs working in the development or humanitarian fields. Extensive library of manuals and other resources to assist NGOs with skills and organisational development. [training & development]

Bridgespan Group – An introduction to business planning for non-profits
Useful guide for NGOs looking at developing a business plan.[approaches to planning/planning steps]

Non-profit Consortium
Organisation aiming to strengthen the financial sustainability of the non-profit sector. Some legal, tax and other information/resources on this site. [general]

Non-profit Organisations Act (full text)

Department of Social Development [general]
Information on registering a non-profit organisation (Guide to NPO Act)

New Paradigm
Range of articles on organisational change, organisational culture and organisational dynamics. [general]

NGO Connect
A range of capacity building resources for NGOs in developing countries. [general]

Resource Alliance
International network working to build the capacity of NGOs to mobilise funds and local resources. Active in Africa.

Resources aimed primarily at civil and human rights organisations but suitable for many kinds of NGOs. See products page and also South Africa page.

Legal Resources Centre (NPO Legal Services Page)
Very useful reports for NGOs on such matters as legal obligations, taxation, governance, public funding and the NPO Act. [Legal structures commonly used by NPOs]

Gender & Development

Association for Women’s Rights in Development
An international organization connecting, informing and mobilizing people and organizations committed to achieving gender equality, sustainable development and women's human rights

The South African Commission on Gender Equality
One of the six state institutions supporting constitutional democracy called for in the South African Constitution.

International Gender and Trade Network
Network of feminist gender specialists who provide technical information on gender and trade issues to women's groups, NGOs, social movements and governments

Women in Law and Development in Africa (WiLDAF)
A pan-African network of organisations and individuals working in the area of women's rights.

Resources for survivors of sexual assault (including emergency rape information, medical, legal and activism).

African Gender Institute
Organisation committed to building intellectual capacity and resources to promote gender equity.

Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era
Network of women scholars and activists from the economic South

Women’s Net
Promotes use of internet for women’s activism

Gay and Lesbian Archives of South Africa
Includes a range of historical and archival material relating to gay and lesbian experience in South Africa

Umbrella organisation promoting gender equality in and through the media.

Gender Advocacy Programme
Advocacy and lobbying organisation aiming to increase the participation of women in policy formulation and decision-making. Range of domestic violence, local government, advocacy and other resources on website.

Local Government

Ministry and Department of Provincial and Local Government (DPLG)
Official site for DPLG. Contains speeches, guides and information on all departmental programmes.

Project Consolidate
Information resources source provided by Department of Provincial and Local Government (DPLG)

South African Local Government Association (SALGA)
Organization mandated by the Constitution to assist in the wholesale transformation of local government in South Africa. Many helpful links to provincial and local government sites. [understanding local government]

Knowledge Sharing Programme for Local Government (KSP)
Joint initiative of SALGA and DPLG focusing on building and developing two municipal networks – the District Learning Network and the Local Learning Network.

Municipal Demarcation Board
Excellent resource for municipal research. Find information on any municipality in South Africa, or any ward within a municipality. [understanding local government]

Municipal Infrastructure Investment Unit
Organisation that helps municipalities find solutions to critical problems with the financing and management of essential municipal services, such as water supply, sanitation, waste, energy, transport, etc. [integrated development planning, developmental local government]

Local Government Sector Education Training Authority (LGSETA)
A SETA aiming to transform the skills profile of the Local Government Sector. See "SETA services" on the site for skills development projects, sector grants, etc.

Municipal Services Project
Multi-partner research, policy and educational initiative examining the restructuring of municipal services in Southern Africa.

IDP Nerve Centre
An information coordination service supporting municipal inter-governmental development planning in South Africa. [developmental local government]

IDASA’s Local Government Centre
Project of the Institute for Democracy in Southern Africa (IDASA) which seeks to empower municipalities to create effective and accountable local governance and service delivery. Various articles and research reports available for download. [developmental local government]

South African Cities Network (SACN)
An initiative of DPLG and SALGA, SACN is an established network of nine South African city municipalities (and partners) that encourages the exchange of information, experience and best practices on urban development and city management


Change Project
Excellent tool kit/training package to download to help combat AIDS-HIV stigma. This was developed from research in Zambia, Ethiopia and Tanzania. [prevention, education]

The Synergy Project (USAID)
An international site range of publications with a range of publications and resources. See the following sublink for a special toolkit for HIV and AIDS programme mangers.

AIDS Law Project
Range of information on legal aspects of HIV and AIDS. Also contains entitlement information such as applying for social grants.

The AIDS Consortium
Brings together organisations that work on HIV and AIDS and has more than 300 member organisations from across the country. The consortium provides training to help build the capacity of HIV and AIDS NGOs and networks in areas such as fund raising.

National Association of People Living with HIV and AIDS (NAPWA)
NAPWA aims to organize, mobilize and empower people living with HIV and AIDS and to represent their interests by providing care and support.

Treatment Action Campaign (TAC)
TAC campaigns for accessible medical treatment for all and publishes information on using antiretrovirals and managing HIV and AIDS -related illness. This website has a range of educational booklets to download. [prevention, education & campaigns]

UNAIDS has a series of booklets on Best Practices and HIV and AIDS on their website. (For information specific to southern Africa ,select "Sub-Saharan Africa" from the country/region menu near the top-left of the home page).

Department of Health/AIDSinfo (Khomanani)
The National Government’s HIV and AIDS campaign site. Various leaflets, posters and booklets can be downloaded from this site by clinking on the RRRC link. The Department of Health’s main website is at

Nurturing Orphans of AIDS for Humanity (NOAH)
Provides resources and expertise to support community-based responses assisting children orphaned through HIV and AIDS. [Care for children]

National lifestyle and HIV prevention campaign for youth. [prevention, education & campaigns]

Children First
Advocates on behalf of children with HIV and AIDS, especially around treatment issues. Website includes an information forum and a small library of reports. [care for children]

Child AIDS Services
Directory of HIV and AIDS organisations across the country. You can search for particular kinds of children’s HIV and AIDS services (e.g. testing, education, hospice care, etc.) in your area. [care for children]


SA Government On-line
One-stop gateway to access information from government departments, provinces and other government bodies.

Southern African Regional Poverty Network
Wide range of information on regional poverty and anti-poverty measures

South African NGO Coalition
Umbrella organisation of South African NGOS aiming to coordinate NGO input into government policy. Site contains workshop presentations and other resources.

Soul Beat Africa
Information-sharing initiative about using communication for development and social change across Africa. (Includes evaluations, research, events & training opportunities, awards/funding).
South African policy and legal news. Extensive data base of bill, acts, speeches and public policy documents.

Parliamentary Monitoring Group
Provides minutes of proceedings of the more than forty South African Parliamentary Committees. Other parliamentary resources available.

Independent public interest organisation. Very wide range of resources available on this site including government budgets, active citizenship, political governance and many other topics.

South Africa Year Book 2004/05 (via Government Communication and Information System)
Official authoritative reference work on the Republic of South Africa covering all major areas of national public policy concern including government systems, health, social development, etc.

Large data base of updated South African statistics

Parliament of South Africa

Africa Institute of South Africa
Research organisation and think-tank, focussing on Africa. Research tools and publications through resource library available on this site.

South African Constitution
Full text of the constitution in all 11 official languages (on the Constitutional Court website)

Legal Services

Legal Aid Board of South Africa
The Legal Aid Board's to provides legal aid to those who cannot afford their own legal representation. The board aims to provide legal assistance to as many poor people as possible, including vulnerable groups such as women, children and the rural poor.

Centre for Applied Legal Studies
This site includes a documentation centre, advocacy resources and other legal and para-legal tools.

Community Law Centre, UWC
Specialises in democratic values and human rights of the constitution, emphasising children's rights, gender, local government and socio-economic rights.

Labour Protect
Organisation committed to assisting employees protect their workplace rights. Site includes labour law information and an advice forum for raising labour law issues.

International Centre for Non-Profit Law
Organization that promotes an enabling legal environment for civil society. Library and other resources available on the site.