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This is a very brief guide on where to get more information and resources. Please try to contact your Provincial or District AIDS Council to get better access to resources, training, funding and materials in your area.

The Department of Health has published a directory of AIDS projects that is very useful. In most provinces and districts, the Health and Social Development Departments have people working specifically on HIV and AIDS and they can advise you. Look under provincial government in the back of the phone book and get hold of the department in your province.

It is very useful for anyone involved with HIV and AIDS issues to have access to the internet. Many of the following organisations have websites which are excellent sources of information on a range of HIV and AIDS topics.  Much of this information is updated on a regular basis. You may want to explore these websites to see what they have to offer.

Department of Health AIDS info

The Department of Health has a website on  The National Government’s HIV and AIDS campaign (commissioned by the Department of Health) is called  “Khomanani” and has a website.  Various leaflets, posters and booklets can be downloaded from this site by clinking on the RRRC link. The Khomanani website is at:

Department of Social Development

The Department of Social Development has a website on and an e-mail service to send up to date information from all over the world to people with e-mail. The contact is Carol Lombard and you can get hold of her through e-mailing   The Department has also produced helpful HIV and AIDS publications, particularly on assisting children.  To order a copy of a publication you can call the Department at 012 312 7500

AIDS Training and Information Centres

ATICs were set up at provincial and sometimes at district level to help organisations on the ground with resource materials and training.

The Department of Health in your province should be able to supply numbers for all ATICs.

AIDS Helpline

The Department of Health together with Life Line operates a free helpline where you can get advice, counselling and information. Assistance is provided over the phone  by trained  lay-counsellors. The number is 0800 012 322. You can also directly phone any Life Line service in your province.  (Life Line itself has a 24-hour crisis line which can be reached at 0861 322 322).

 AIDS Law Project

The AIDS Law Project publishes a book called “HIV and AIDS and the Law” and offers information about human rights and HIV and AIDS.  Their website has some excellent information on applying for social grants and many other topics. Contact them at:
Phone 011 356 4100
Fax: 011 3394311

The AIDS Consortium

The AIDS Consortium brings together organisations that work on HIV and AIDS and has more than 300 member organisations from across the country.  Among other services, the consortium provides training to help build the capacity of HIV and AIDS NGOs and networks in areas such as fund raising.  Contact them at:
Phone 011 403 0265
Fax 011 403 2106

National Association of People Living with HIV and AIDS (NAPWA)

NAPWA aims to organize, mobilize and empower people living with HIV and AIDS and to represent their interests by providing care and support. Get the details of local branches from their national office at:
Phone: 011 255 6400
Fax: 011 255 6415

Treatment Action Campaign (TAC)

TAC campaigns for accessible medical treatment for all and publishes information on using antiretrovirals and managing HIV and AIDS-related illness. Their website has booklets which you can download. 
They can be contacted at:
Phone: 021 788 3507
Fax: 021 788 3726

You can subscribe to the TAC e-mail newsletter which gives you regular updates on treatment by e-mailing:

Centre for the Study of AIDS (CSA)

CSA is based at the University of Pretoria and their website has information on a range of HIV and AIDS topics and has several forums.  There are helpful reports you can download on such matters as dealing with HIV Stigma, HIV and Human rights in South Africa and others.  CSA does a lot of work around youth skills development and coordinates student volunteers.   They can be contacted at:
Phone: 012 420 4391
Fax: 012 420 5884


AIDS Link provides a range of support services for poor people with HIV and AIDS such as food parcels, shelter, counselling, hospital placements, financial and legal help and income generating projects.  You can contact their national office at:
Phone: 011 720 5260
Fax: 011 725-6209

Education and Training Unit

ETU (the publishers of this website) runs strategic planning workshops for municipalities and other stakeholders that work with HIV and AIDS. ETU will also assist community based organisations and projects with training to manage and implement their work.  


UNAIDS has a series of booklets on Best Practices and HIV and AIDS on their website.  (For information specific to southern Africa ,select “Sub-Saharan Africa” from the country/region menu near the top-left of the home page).  You can find this website at:

South African Medical Research Council/AIDS Afro AIDS Info

AIDS Afro Info is a project of the South African Medical Research Council (MRC).  Their website a has a wide range of up-to-date information.  You can register with the website to have easy access to your area of interest (e.g. medical issues, general HIV and AIDS info, etc) and receive regular e-mail updates. You can log-in at:

Nurturing Orphans of AIDS for Humanity (NOAH)

NOAH provides resources and expertise to support community-based responses assisting children orphaned through HIV and AIDS. Contact them at:
Phone: 031 561 3190 or  011 234 2270
Fax: 031 561 1545 or  011 234 2271


loveLife is a national lifestyle and HIV prevention campaign for young South Africans.  A range of loveLife-style programmes are available including "Y-Centres" offering youth friendly clinical services, a helpline offering counselling and outreach programmes in schools and in communities.  loveLife also runs media campaigns. They can be contacted at:
Phone: 011 523 1000 (thethajunction  0800 121 900)
Fax: 011 523 1001

Children First

Children First advocates on behalf of children with HIV and AIDS, especially around treatment issues.  They produce a bi-monthly newsletter and their website includes an information forum and a small library of reports.  You can contact them at:
Phone: 031 307 3405
Fax: 031 307 5771

Child AIDS Services

The Child AIDS Service’s website is a directory of HIV and AIDS organisations across the country.  You can search for particular kinds of children’s HIV and AIDS services (e.g. testing, education, hospice care, etc.) in your area.  This site can be found at:

AIDS Directory

This website is a broad HIV and AIDS services directory.  Here you can search for services under many categories (such as NGOs, local government, workplace, etc.) in any of the provinces.  You can log-on to this directory at:

Red Ribbon/Met Life

The Red Ribbon website is run by Metropolitan Life (a private company) which has up-to-date HIV and AIDS news and links to medical, legal, workplace and statistical information.  (On some of these sites you can send questions to doctors and other professionals). Other links bring you to a site on AIDS basics and living positively with HIV and AIDS. The main site can be reached at

Centre for AIDS Development and Research and Evaluation (CADRE)

CADRE does research into effective delivery of HIV and AIDS services and has a number of publications (which can be downloaded from the website).  These include “Gender Violence and HIV and AIDS” and “Young People and HIV and AIDS.  They also publish the “African Journal of AIDS Research”.  You can contact them at
Phone 011 339 2611
Fax: 011 339 2615


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